Julia Robertson

Julia Robertson is an actor and founder of Little Egg Productions. Julia holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Sydney, Intensive with the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film institute and various NIDA courses. Julia had great success with her one woman show Blueberry Play with Redline Productions and has since played Wherever She Wanders (Griffin), Debbie in The Real Thing (STC), The Astral Plane (25a Belvoir), Jess and Joe Forever (Sugary Rum and 25A), You Stupid Darkness (KXTeethcutting), The Oyster (Critical Stages) and Wherever She Wanders (Griffin Theatre Company). Julia has performed in Werther (Opera Australia), played Gen in the film Hot Mess (Emerald Productions) and has also undertaken voicing the audiobook Dont Fall (Amazon). Julia plays the piano and clarinet and can surf, ski and horse ride.

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