Lily Ji

NIDA Graduate 2012.

For more than 20 years, Lily Ji has proven she’s an entertainer and creative artist with immeasurable talents. From dancer (since the age of 3 for 11 years professional training), singer and musician (9 years), model (8 years), presenter (7 years), director (since 2012) to actress (since 2004) and now have the full time acting course training with NIDA (2012), she embodies what it truly means to be an entertainer and creative artist.

Lily was born in Kunming,  Yunnan—the spring city of China with its 25 rare minority groups, and the beautiful, peculiar, breathtaking and unique natural landscape, Lily has been nurturing by these precious and rich cultural, spiritual and natural environment all the way through her childhood. Lily went to Taiwan to attend the cultural exchange event held by the governments when she was 12 years old, during the time she was the solo singer, presenter and dancer.  She came to Sydney in 2008 as an international student with very little base of English. One and a half years later she was accepted into the National Institute of Dramatic Art for the full time acting course. Meanwhile, she was the Miss Chinese International 2008 representing China region and received final top 5 for the final international finale. Now she is the performance director for the Miss Sydney Chinese 2012.

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