Margie McCrae

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The Vagina Monologues – Linda, a 75 year old The Studio, Sydney Opera House (Dir. Danielle Lauren)

Taming of the Shrew – Gremio & Tailor, Bardmaids

The Listmaker – Auntie Nat/Ensemble, The Bell Shakespeare Company Tour NSW Queensland Vic

Dimboola – Aunt Aggie, Pat Garvey Productions Sydney and Touring Production

Five Times Dizzy – Yaya/Gran, Wilson Theatre South/dir:Des Davies/Tour

That Xmas of ’75 – Elizabeth, Theatre South/dir:Des Davies

Twelfth Night – Viola/Sebastian, Theatre South/dir:John Senezuk

Five Times Dizzy – Mama/Mrs Wilson, Theatre South/Tour

Danny in Trouble – Mum/Scratchy, Joined-Up Writing/ Tour NSW/Vic

Pinocchio – Pinocchio, Alan Chapple Productions

Dags – Bronwyn/Ensemble, Theatre South/Tour NSW/Vic

Hating Alison Ashley – Mum/Diane, Theatre South/Tour NSW Vic

Five Times Dizzy – Mama/Mrs. Wilson, Theatre South/Tour NSW Canberra

Hating Alison Ashley – Mum/Dianne, Theatre South/Tour NSW

The Mystery of Irma Vep – 2 hander, Theatre South

The Media Murder Show – Kirribilli Pub Theatre

The Selfish Shellfish – Urchin, Playhouse Sydney Opera House

The Mental Health Show – Kirribilli Pub Theatre

Sketchaphrenic – Kirribilli Pub Theatre

A Bed of Ruses – Griffin Theatre Company

The Mad Scientist Show – Kirribilli Pub Theatre

The Secret Service Show – Kirribilli Pub Theatre

Pinocchio – Alan Chapple Productions

Playtime – Marian St Children’s Theatre

The Buccaneer Show – Kirribilli Pub Theatre

The Private Eye Show – Kirribilli Pub Theatre

The Western Show – Kirribilli Pub Theatre

The Vampire Show – Kirribilli Pub Theatre

The Waltz of the Toreadors – Marian Street Theatre

They’re Playing Our Song – 2 hander, The Actors Company

Othello – Bianca/Ensemble, The Actors Company

Ghosts – Regina, The Actors Company

City Sugar – The Actors Company

Blind Choice – Aust. Theatre for Young People Sydney and Tour

Endgame – Adelaide Theatre Group

Enth – Adelaide Theatre Group


Corporate Theatre

Hardie-Plex – Thrilling and Willing (Dir: Scott Higgins)



Two Twisted (series) “Heart Attack” – Senior Nurse, Rachel Ward

The Chaser “Australian Story” ABC TV

All Saints “Trust” – Catherine Craig,  Ch 7 Dir: Scott Feeney

Home and Away – Lucy Billing, Ch 7

The Beast (TV Movie) – Angie, Calamari Productions

G.P. – Annette Lee, Roadshow, Coote & Carroll

A Country Practice “Wildcard” Pt1 Pt2, Maggie Burns – JNP Films

The Montacutes Pilot – Ellar (Lead), Paul Haines Productions

Candid Camera – Various Episodes, Concept Television

Swap Shop – June, A.B.C. Television

A Country Practice “Going the Distance” Pt1 Pt2 – Bev Cooper, JNP Films

Willesee’s Australians “Sister Bullwinkel” – Alice Roadshow, Coote & Carroll

Mr. Squiggle – Guest role, A.B.C. Television

You’ve Got To Be Joking – Various Episodes, Grundy Organisation

The Two Ronnies in Australia – Guest lead, Channel 9

The Investigators – Guest lead, A.B.C. Television

Vietnam – Guest role, Kennedy Miller

Rafferty’s Rules – Guest role, Amalgamated TV Services

The Great Bookie Robbery miniseries – Support lead Wendy Lott, PBL Productions

Blinky Bill – Guest role, A.B.C. Television

Brass Monkeys Sitcom (13 episodes) – Regular lead, RS Productions

Kingswood Country “Partying is such Sweet Sorrow” – Jackie, RS Productions

Cop Shop – Guest lead, Crawford Productions

Willesee ’81 Comedy Sketches – Regular lead, Transmedia Entertainment

Science Show – Guest lead, A.B.C. Television

Heartbeats (mini comedy series) – Regular lead, Transrnedia Entertainment

The Restless Years – Regular lead Emma Taylor, Grundy Organisation

Glenview High “Birdcage” – Guest lead, Grundy Organisation

Chopper Squad “J is for Julie’ – Guest lead Julie Cumming, Grundy Organisation

Migrant Education Television – Guest I Ep, SBS



The O Word (Short 2 hander) Dawn Lockfilm

Restraint (Feature) Annie Wynot Filmgraphics Dir. David Deneen

Bulletproof and Blind (Short) A.F.T.R.S.

Dallas Doll (Feature) Thelma.Tompkins Dallas Doll Productions

Transformations (Short) A.F.T.R.S.

War Games (Short) A.F.T.R.S.

All Over the World (Short) A.F.T.R.S.

On the Homefront (docodrama) A.F.T.R.S/NSW Police Department

Kaitlin (Short) A.F.T.R.S.

Saturday, Saturday (Short) Film Australia

Good Business (Short) Independent Productions

Winter of Our Dreams (Feature) Lisa Blaine Director:John Duigan

Alison’s Birthday (Feature) Chrissie Wills Kopat Productions


Corporate Video

Meetings Gillies, Press and Ling

How 1 Learned To Stop Worrying Department of Health

Appraisal Airedale Films Pty. Ltd

Courting Stress Pro Vision

Commander Telephones STC Australian Audio Visual


Freelance Directing

Sydney Coves by Richard Tulloch Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority

This Other Eden by Wendy Richardson Theatre South



Diploma course in Speech and Drama (Adelaide Teachers College)

Adelaide Theatre Group/Youth Theatre

Ensemble Studios, Sydney

Voice: Stephen Costan

Singing: Janice Light

Dance: Classical/modern background

R.A.D.A. Summer School (London)

Restoration Comedy Workshop (N.I.D.A.) Colin George

Mask Workshop (N.I.D.A.)

Voice Workshop – Rowena Baylos

Rae Allen /PBL Workshops 1 & 2

Wollongong University Master of Creative Arts (Theatre)

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