Romy Bartz

Romy has recently appeared in Slaughterhouse at Belvoir Street, which was a great success.
The reviews are below.

“Romy Bartz captivates with a persuasive combination of ruthlessness and vulnerability, able to portray complexities that prevent us from relegating the monster to otherness”

Romy Bartz takes it to a whole other level. Playing company founder Hannah, a psychopathic entrepreneurial mastermind in a bombshell carapace and perfect white suit, she delivers lines like, “all I remember from the night is that I fellated a sausage” to perfection.

“As director Benita de Wit brings a team of inspired artists that apply a level of detail to their work, it is clear that the audience experience is at the forefront of every choice.” “The specificity brought to the performances by each actor if so rewarding to watch, as living gets in the way of storytelling.” “Bartz holds the space captive with her dangerous deployment of sexuality wielded a weapon”

Some of her other Credits include:

2019 Waynelle Hillbilly Thriller Legs on the Wall , Joshua Thompson
2019 Agatha The Moors Siren Theatre Company, Kate Gaul
2019 Duchess Mercury Fur White Box Theatre/Hasemann, Ball & Radda, Kim Hardwick
2019 Hannah Slaughterhouse 25A Belvoir Downstairs/, Benita de Wit
2015 Isobel Bull The Old Fitz Theatre, Rowan Greaves
2015 Mae Idle Lies Doll Parts, Erin Brookhouse
2014 Hildergarde Why Torture is Wrong and The People Who Love Them The New Theatre, Melita Rowston
2013 Betty White Thank You for Being a Friend The Comedy Store
2010 Jigsaws Actor’s Forum, Linden Wilkinson
2010 Sarah Trying Actors Forum, David Baldwin
2009 Georgiana Georgiana Woman of Flowers Nida Studio, Kim Carpenter
2009 Gwendolyn Caravan Actors Forum, Donald Macdonald
2009 Billy Love Child Actors Forum, Belinda Giblin
2009 Alice Pearse Randwick in a Nutshell Randwick Council, Bill Conn
2008 Sandy Rabbit Sydney Theatre Company, Brendan Cowell
2008 Actor Happy Prince Theatre of Image, Kim Carpenter
2006 The Cat & Others Go PINOCCHIO – Return season & tour Theatre of Image, Kim Carpenter
2005 The Cat & others GO PINOCCHIO Theatre of Image, Kim Carpenter
2004 Stacey Fidelity Tamarama Rock Surfers, Tanya Denny
2004 Kirsty Car Gods Railway St Theatre, Nic Clark
2003 Beccy Rocket Baby – Top Shorts 2003 – One Woman Show Naked Theatre Company/Old Fitzroy Hotel, Melita Rowston
2003 Tracked Prompt Theatre Co., Jessica Symes
2003 Billie Love Child Griffin Theatre Co, Jennifer Hagan
2003 Various Take Two, Buzz, Thump City, Jump, Boy!, Messages Australian Theatre of the Deaf
2002 Elizabeth The Lady From Dubuque NIDA, Kevin Jackson
2019 Chantal Reef Break ABC Studios Intl, Various
2010 Wife The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show Razor Films
2005 Nurse Romy The Surgeon Network 10
2004 Tanya Love My Way Ep 5 Southern Star, Ian Watson
2003 Lucy Skool Sux – Pilot SBS TV, Paul Fenech
2003 Miss Robinson White Collar Blue – Ep. 23 Knapman Wyld Television, Brendan Maher
2003 Alicia McLeod Murder Under the Microscope OTEN / SBS TV, Lesley Stevens
Short Film
2019 Perfect Woman Thallium Enthusiasts AFTRS, Madeleine Neate
2015 Teacher Modern Educayshun Neel Kolhatkar, Neel Kolhatkar
2014 Mimi Reisner Unified , Josh Logue
2007 Lucy Tall Poppies , Brodie Lane
2007 Anna Plastic AFTRS, Sandy Widyanata
2006 Alice Brass Teapot Artemis Films UK, Elin Sevov
2006 Kelly Miller Beyond Passion UK, Jyoti Thnjal
2004 Anna Sleeping Dogs , Angie Dowling
2016 Mother Red Rooster
2014 Mayo Sister Praise Mayonnaise Taxi Films
2014 Woman Allianz Insurance ‘Easier than ever’ Heckler TV , Brendan Fletcher
2014 Woman ING Direct Superannuation Online The Feds, Josh Logue
2014 Mother Ebay Big Sundays Robber’s Dog , Luke Shanahan
2016 Melbourne Women’s Hospital Education Video Cutting Edge Productions, Marc Tewksbury
2015 Presenter AIM MBA Online Course TCI , Marc Tewskbury
Voice Over
2013 Narrator Maintenance , Dael Oates
2004 Wild Lines Deck Dogz Arclight Films, Steve Pasvolsky
Corporate Work
2015 Sophie / Jamie AMP Role Playing AMP Horizons
2011 Bank Manager St George Bank
2010 Bank Clerk St George Bank
2005 Westpac Bank Training Video Westpac
2012 Freda Echo Point BBC Radio, Judith Kampfner
2012 Jaylene Wedding in Venice BBC Radio, Judith Kampfner
Musical Theatre
2016 Writer /Director / Producer Battlers & Dreamers DollpArts for The Sydney Fringe Festival , Romy Bartz
2015 Poltava Jane Shopping Up 75% Old School , Yure Covich
Training & Additional Notes
2000 – 2002 NIDA BDA , ACTING
1999 UNSW BA , Theatre, Film and Dance view more
Romy’s directing credits include:
2016 (Director/Co-Writer) Battlers and Dreamers for The Sydney Fringe Festival
2011 (Director) Glass, Splinters and Cigarettes for The Sydney Fringe Festival
(Director) Cosi for The McDonald College
2010 (Director) Comedy of Manners for The Mcdonald College
2009 (Director) Hair for Short and Sweet

acting credits
prior to 2002:

Kaz; Country Music; NIDA; Dir:
Tony Knight
Sasha; Vanishing Act; NIDA; Dir:
Melanie Hogan
Fanny; Bodyline 2 – Bad Seeds; NIDA;
Connie; All Tomorrow’s Parties; 8 Players 2002; Dir:
Melanie Hogan
Arkadina; The Seagull; NIDA; Richard Cottrell
Demetrius; Titus Andronicus; NIDA; Dir:
Helmut Bakaitis