Will Usic

Will Usic is an award-winning actor, television producer, writer and director with over 25 years experience in the entertainment industry. A NIDA graduate (Bachelor of Dramatic Arts) Will’s acting credits include The Flood, Rake, Janet King, Bikie Wars, What Where, Breaker Morant, East West 101 and Blackjack.
For over a decade now, Will has won awards as a Creative Director and Senior Executive for the highly popular Pay TV channels, TV1 and SCI FI on Foxtel. 
His Screen Directing credits include – They (Tropfest finalist) and The Date (Tropfest finalist), Shock Jock, Bargain Coast, a plethora of productions for Nickelodeon and TV1 including Kids To Kids, The ChinHead Show, Space Cadets, Cool Summer of Love, ASTRA award-winning Magda’s Big Things, Vinyl Revival, WinterOnederland, Cash Trivia Challenge and Karaoke Dokey. 
Will is the Co-Creator and Series Director for 2 seasons of the critically acclaimed and award winning comedy show Stupid, Stupid Man (2006-2007), starring Wayne Hope, Bob Franklin, Matthew Newton, Leah Vandenberg, Sophie Katinis and Chris Leaney, written by Tim Pye and Michael Ward and produced by Jigsaw Entertainment for TV1. Stupid, Stupid Man garnered the awards and nominations, ASTRA Award Best Drama AWGIE Award Best Comedy Script, LOGIE Nomination Most Outstanding Comedy Series, ADG Nomination Best Comedy Director. Stupid, Stupid Man also successfully screened on the ABC.
Will is also a qualified martial arts instructor and is currently 4th dan black belt in Northstar JuJitsu, a combination of traditional jujitsu, taekwondo, kick-boxing and judo.


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